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Inhale, Exhale —
Phoenix School Takes
On Mindfulness, One
Breath At A Time

Safiya Dahir, 8, says she has five siblings at home. Their squabbles are part of daily life.

When they take her stuff or hit her, she leaves the room, takes a deep breath in and exhales.

“In my head I say ‘be calm, don’t hit them, be kind, they are littler than you,’” she said.

She calls this a “mindful minute.” It’s an exercise she learned in David Crockett Elementary School’s mindfulness program. It’s a collaboration between the south Phoenix school and non-profit Mindfulness First…


Mindfulness First founder
earns ‘Moms Making
a Difference’ award

MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids) presented its fourth annual “Moms Making a Difference” Unity Award to Sunny Wight of Mindfulness First.

Ms. Wight received the award April 2 at the Unity Award luncheon held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort…


Our Founder On The Women’s Eye

Missed our show? Listen below to the encore show of The Women’s Eye Radio with guest host Catherine Anaya! Our special guests have transformed their lives and are helping others in amazing ways.

Sunny Wight faced a stress-induced breakdown and survived through the practice of mindfulness. She’ll explain how and what her non-profit does.



Our Founder Talks To Ted Meisner

Sunny Wight joins us to speak about the organization, Mindfulness First.

More and more, we’re seeing mindfulness finding ground in our school systems. This ongoing trend is supported by a growing number of non-profit organizations, seeking society transformation through youth education.

Originally from the UK, Sunny Wight now resides in Arizona where she spends her work-hours as the Founder and Executive Director of non-profit, In 2009 Sunny suffered from a stress-induced breakdown. She used Mindfulness to not only heal herself but also transform her life. Now, her goal is to bring these empowering, actualizing life-skills to everyone, especially children. Her organization teaches in school districts to children of all ages, and helps fund their work by offering training in corporations.

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