WHO Are the “Mindful Visionary Partners” (MVP’s)?

A Mindful Visionary Partner is someone who donates to Mindfulness First through a recurring monthly donation; $5/month, $10/month or any amount of your choosing.  This special group of donors gives Mindfulness First the capacity and confidence to continue building and providing services that bring Mindfulness-Based-Social-Emotional Learning to schools.

Why Become A Mindful Visionary Partner?


Fill out our MVP form once, and you’re done!  Your donation will happen automatically each month.  Feel good knowing you are regularly investing in our meaningful work.


Steady, consistent donations will ensure our important services are available to more teachers and students.  Help sustain our work and create bigger impact.

Help more people

Recurring donations give Mindfulness First a steady stream of support that can lead to increased efficiency.  This means your dollars can go even further!

HOW Do I Become A Mindful Visionary Partner?

Simply click on the “MVP sign up” button below.  Your monthly donations are tax-deductible and can be cancelled at any time.

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