“I have been using it in the classroom to help my students center themselves so they can think clearly.  It not only helps them center themselves but it gives an overall calmness in the room.  You have trained them well and they know just want to do.  When I ring the bell the energy changes immediately to a calmer state.”

man-icon-placeholder2nd Grade Teacher

“I noticed that after just a few weeks of this class, it is so much easier for me to sit quietly.  My mind seems to settle down more and more.”

man-icon-placeholder10th grader 

“When my sister is annoying me and I feel like I want to hit her I use my mindful breathing and it calms me down so I don’t want to hit her anymore.”

man-icon-placeholder2nd grader

” I used my mindfulness before a playoff soccer game because it was a really important game and I wanted to do well and be focused.”

man-icon-placeholder6th Grader

“I have used the bell and Mindfulness as a pre-writing activity to help my students think about what they are planning to write about.  I have been amazed at how the ideas just start to flow.  It helps them to stay centered and focused in their thoughts and their writing.  I feel that because of this practice  their writing has improved because they are more focused and centered.”

man-icon-placeholder2nd grade teacher

” I use mindfulness when I’m frustrated with homework and it helps me focus and calm down.”

man-icon-placeholder4th grader

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