Foundations for Mindful Educators Training Program

(Launching in early 2019)

Mindfulness First is delighted to provide you with early information about our latest educator training program for bringing Mindfulness Based Social Emotional Learning to children.

Parenting and teaching are the cornerstones of creating a harmonious society.  Educating the next generation is a great responsibility and privilege that holds the promise of being an exceptionally fulfilling role.  The reality is, however, that in our school systems, educating youth is a demanding career that requires educators to be pulled in many different directions- educator, counselor, nurse, conflict negotiator, and much more.  While many external factors can be out of our control, creating strong internal resources for well-being, stress-reduction and resilience can transform the teaching experience not only for the teacher, but also for their students.  To support educators, we are creating an online course: “Foundations for Mindful Educators”.

Course Description:

“Foundations for Mindful Educators” is a new Professional and Personal Development (PPD) program that provides tools for educators to attain greater self-awareness and well-being through internal resources such as emotional resilience and mindfulness.  This two part program begins with educators comprehensively attaining these tools for themselves.  For the second part, participants will learn how to use this new knowledge to not only understand and support their own students but to also teach lessons in Mindfulness-Based Social-Emotional Learning (MBSEL).


* Interested in learning more about our Mindful Educator Program and class modules? Click on the “CONTACT US” button and type in the comment section ” Please add me to your teacher training list”.  Make sure to type your full name.  Address and phone number are optional.

*All proceeds from enrollments go back into Mindfulness First to fund mindfulness in education.

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